23 Jan. 2008


I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and hopes for a smooth move. All went relatively well, apart from the removalist not doing a proper quote (instead of coming and actually 'seeing' what we have got, they relied on DH's phone description) and having to leave some items (four-six trailer (6x4 trailer size) loads) behind. The company was only an hour away from us and if they had have done their job properly it would have saved us alot of worry and extra car trips.

Apart from that, we are all well. Luke has a friend staying with us for a week, we thought that the move would have been more difficult for him as he is still on holidays, and as he doesn't know anyone yet, we thought that having a friend here would make it easier on him.

DH seems to be enjoying his job so far, he doesn't say a whole lot about it, but at least there are no negative comments. I had a phone interview last Monday for a bank position in another town which is 35 km away from us, and should hear whether I have been successful or not this week sometime.

We had a tour of Luke's school yesterday, and I am quite impressed. Luke even asked the person conducting the tour alot of questions about different aspects, when did he become so self confident? I am used to him being reserved and quiet in these sorts of situations, another reason to be proud of the person he is turning into.

I took Joel and Caitlyn to a playground today which has a fantastic slide which goes down a steep slope with steps to climb back up the slope. What did Joel do? Instead of sliding down the slide, he decided to run down the hill and his legs were going faster than he could control and near the bottom he fell and came to an abrupt halt on his face. Thankfully he only suffered a few minor scratches on his face, arms and legs, lucky boy, it could have been much worse. He is so tough, I knew he was hurting but he refused to cry in front of other people who also came to his rescue.

I have managed to find all of my stash boxes, I previously wrote that there were three but there are actually four, and have unpacked two of them. In the entrance of the house there is a cupboard and I have claimed it for storing my stash hehe. I have been working on VOHRH, A Love Song and Bubbles.

I didn't get alot done last week as I was staying with my girlfriend while I worked the last few days of my job. We had a lovely week together and had some late nights chatting. L actually asked when I was going at one stage so that she could get to bed at a reasonable hour. I had a great night out with my work colleague's and received a lovely gift. My closest colleague was off sick all week and was not able to attend, but I had lunch with her when she returned. Both she and L had me in tears when I said good-bye to them and I told L to not dare crying, but it shows what great friends that I have and L and I are already making plans for at least 2 girly week-ends a year.

My blog feeds at the beginning of the week were in excess of 14oo, and I have managed to get them down to 1174. Even if I don't comment please know that I am reading and will be commenting again once I get the feeds down to a more managable level.

I promise some photos as soon as I find the camera, we still have alot of boxes to unpack and doesn't help that they are labelled with room and 'bits and pieces', thanks to Mr Removalist.

Must go and get some sleep so that I can unpack some more boxes, read some blogs and do the normal household chores, it just never stops, does it?

Happy stitching everyone and stay safe.

6 Jan. 2008

My Stash is Packed

I packed my stash a few nights ago ready for the move. I was able to fill 3 standard sized cartons with everything stash related; fabric, thread, charts, wips, finishing fabrics, ribbons. These are all in their own plastic tubs, containers etc. It is a bit sad not being able to look through my magazines and charts, but we should be reunited by about the 20th of January. I have kept three wips out to work on when I have a chance, VOHRH, Bubbles and A Love Song. Really enjoying these ones at the moment. With VOHRH, I have finished the second block and started the third.

The removalist van comes on Friday the 10th and will arrive at the house that we will be renting on Saturday. We will all go to the new place then, but I will have to come back as I don't finish work until the 17th, and DH starts his new job on the 14th. I will go as far as my parents and stay with them for the night on Sunday, and leave their place on Monday morning in time to start work at my normal time of 11 am. I will be staying with one of my closest friends until DH and the kids come back to help finish cleaning this house so that it can be rented to someone else. Hoping to get most of the cleaning done after work through the week, so it shouldn't take too long, and it will be easier to to floors one all of our furniture is out.

We managed to secure a lovely house to rent, three bedrooms, a study, and two living areas, bigger than what we are currently living in. It has a large garden shed for storage and comes with 4 chooks. We went there last week-end to have a look at houses and were really struggling to find something suitable, we were trying to not be too fussy, but you still need to be able to store things and live comfortably. After looking through one house and driving past two others we put in applications for all of them hoping that one would be successful. We decided to go home and twenty minutes down the road we got a phone message from a real estate agent saying that they had just had a new property listed on their rentals and thought of us. While DH was deciding on what to do I told him to turn around so we could have a look at it, and it will be wonderful. Joel and Caitlyn will need to share a room, but they are large rooms, and it will only be until we can sell our own house, which has been getting rented out near Geelong, and possibly build a new house for us.

We had a lovely Christmas, spent the day with my in-laws, and spent New Years Eve with some friends who live about two hours away from us.

Well I had better go a pack some more boxes. I am currently sorting through toys that have not been played with for a while and have almost managed to send more to charities than what we will be keeping. Of course this doesn't include what was received for Christmas, so the kids will still have plenty to play with.

I hope everyone is well and is getting lots of stitching done. My bloglines is currently at about 900 feeds, I am determined to not just click mark all as read, I may not be able to leave replies but I will still read them all. I may not be able to post for a while but will return as soon as I can.

Stay safe everyone.


An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch