10 Nov. 2007

Nearly a Month.

I can't believe that it has nearly been a month since my last post, apologies everyone.

Coral is stitching a design of five pumpkins, and ran a competition to see who could guess which pumpkin she started first. I WON WOOHOO!!! and yesterday I received my prize, a lovely bundle of DMC threads in Halloween colors, green, orange, yellow, and a cute card. Thank you so much for your generosity Coral I really enjoyed your package. I can't take any photos at the moment as DH has the camera with him, and as we have exceeded our bandwidth our internet connection is rather slow at the moment, this should improve by Tuesday.

I have been stash collecting again!!! I was going to take photos but I can't at the moment, I will just do a quick list. I now have all the beads for Lady of the Mist, 7 pieces of hand dyes fabric from Colours down under, (they are clearing their current stock of hand dyed fabric to introduce a new range), 11 Little House Needleworks designs, (you read correctly, yes 11) I love their designs, can you tell, Prairie Schooler Spring has come and Summer Breeze, Rosewood Manor The Berries, The Cats Whiskers Red Desert Scissor Pocket with required Dinky Dyes thread, four HAED designs.

I ordered and have received some (lots of) threads from Vicky Clayton, her conversions for Carriage House Samplers Village and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, two hanks of Garnet. Her silks are gorgeous and are very pleasant to stitch with, how would I know this? I started VOHRH oh no, another wip. I am stitching it on 40ct Lambswool linen using one thread of silk over two fabric threads, I really just wanted to do a little bit, had to check the thread coverage you know, and I haven't stopped.

I need to figure out a rotation of some sort or some things just won't get stitched on. I don't want to stress too much about this as my stitching needs to be enjoyable. I have been working on CdC during my lunch break at work and it is coming along nicely. Did some work on Bubbles also, HAED project, and I am now doing one of the actual bubbles. I also need to show photos on my progress of Sleeping Beauty and Blackstone Fantasy Garden.

I received four YOU MAKE ME SMILE AWARDS, Lynn, Lelia, Suzanne, I would like to thank you for making me smile by awarding this to me, it is greatly appreciated. I read, or try, alot of blogs and they all make me smile in various ways, so I am doing the cheats way and awarding everyone the award. I know I said four awards, I just can't find the forth and sincerely apologise to whoever it is.

DH is still looking for a job, he has an interview for one on Thursday in country Victoria and Devonport has again cropped up. Apparently during negotiations the person offered the job decided against it after all, so the position was re-advertised. The consultant knows DH due to industry contacts and has offered his help with the application, and is talking of ways of getting DH there for an interview, sounds quite promising.

Study has finished for the year, had my exam on the 31st of October, received my assignment results now just waiting for the unit results to come through on the 29th of this month.

I have rambled enough for now, thanks for sticking with me, I am hoping to post photos soon.

Stay safe everyone and happy stitching.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch