25 Jun. 2008

I WON, and some WIP pictures.

Ranae had a competition on her blog a little while ago, and I WON!!! WOO HOO!!! Can you tell that I am excited!!!! Thank you so much Ranae for your generosity and kindness. Here is a link to the post with details of the competition and a picture of the chart, http://crazyxstitcher.blogspot.com/2008/06/its-finally-beautiful-day.html. I have e-mailed you my snail mail address Ranae, and hope that the e-mail gets sent as I have been having problems, need to get DH to have a look at it soon.

Now that I have managed to compose myself, here are some long overdue wip pictures.

The first two pictures are of HAED Faery Tales. I am really enjoying stitching on this one at the moment. I am doing the forth row of ten stitches and I can see a pathway on the top of the cliff, the beginnings of a person's coat. The second Faery Tales picture only has three rows completed and I can see the beginning of a wall, of which Cinderella and her Prince are dancing on the top, and the beginning of a ship flying through the night skies. I am assuming that the ship has Peter Pan and co. aboard. Please feel free to correct me if this is not so.

My next wip picture is of a little design that I started recently, and is a LHN design from their collaboration with Crescent Colours and is called Patience. This is a gorgeous design, and the colours in the photo are pretty true to life.

I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments about Joel's birthday cake. Yes we did eat and destroy the cake. Funnily enough not many of kids finished their pieces, it must have been the black icing putting them off combined with the chocolate cake mix that I decided on, not to worry, the chickens enjoyed it LOL.

I would also like to thank everyone who commented about Georgina and looked at her blog and left a comment there, I can't even begin to understand what her parents and siblings are going through. It just must be heart-breaking for them to see their sister and little girl going through so much and at such a young age too.

That is all from me for the moment, almost time to get the boys from school.

Hope everyone is well and getting lots of stitching done.

17 Jun. 2008

"Ahoy there me hearties"

Well here is the cake. It was pretty easy to make, it is amazing what skewers/kebab sticks can do to hold a cake together. Joel was very happy with it and at the end of the day that is what is important. The pirates came from a toy which Joel has had for some time and I also added a treasure chest with some of Caitlyn's toy jewellery.
If you are a religious person could you please keep this young girl, Georgina, in your thoughts. She was struck down by a mystery illness over a year ago and was placed in a medically induced coma. Whenever the coma drugs were eased off, she would begin fitting. I learnt of her blog at our old church not long after she became ill and have followed her plight via the blog set up by her father and a family friend. In his most recent post her father has particularly asked for patience.

13 Jun. 2008

Such a long time.....

Where did the rest of April and May go? Are we in June!!!!
WOW, so long between posts, huge apologies everyone.
I have been reading your blogs, my bloglines is a very manageable 72 feeds at the moment, just not posting on my own.
So what has been happening!!! Joel had his birthday on the 6th of June and is now 6 years old. He is such a delightful little man, and so funny. (His antics deserve a post all on their own). He is the class comedian and seems to be very popular amongst his peers and teachers. He had a small accident on the slide at school and managed to put a cut on the back of his head, the school rang me, I took him to the hospital emergency department, and while he was describing to the doctor what had happened he said that he had "broken his head". The doctor was quite amused at his description. All is well now, they didn't stitch his wound, just used some glue, which is still in his hair.

Joel's birthday fell on a long weekend for us in Oz, and since he has never had a birthday party before, we decided that his first year of school would be a great time to have one. So Sunday is the day, about 12 kids are coming . I just keep on telling myself that it is only for two hours. I am attempting to make him a pirate ship cake, first time for everything, and will post some pictures of it if it turns out okay!

I have been stitching and made progress on Faery Tales, A Love Song, Celtic Banner and VOHRH. I have another new start, just a small one, a LHN design from their scriptures series, would eventually like to stitch them all and make them into a quilted wall hanging, one day!

We replaced the chicken that died. The bird that we got is quite young and she is so tame. Just as well, as she decided that she like our neighbours yard better than ours and kept on 'flying' yes 'flying' over our fence. We trimmed her wing and some of her tail feathers, and she still manages to escape by first flying onto part of our compost bin and then on to the fence. Rotten bird. Where she came from she was free range so she just doesn't like being in the pen. Now we have roughly covered the pen with some bird netting and this seems to be working so far. And after the trauma of some time ago, they have started to lay again, YAY fresh eggs again.

We have been to our beach house and while we were there we took the kids to the Scienceworks Museum, they had a wonderful time. We went into the planetarium where we watched a short film about our southern skies and learnt where we could find Mars and Saturn, and some constellations.

Well I had better get to bed as I have a cake to make tomorrow, and a house to make presentable.

Hope everyone is well and getting lots of stitching done.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch