22 Dec. 2007


Hubby has accepted the position in south east (I wrote west in my last post) Victoria in an area called refered to as Gippsland. Here is a link to the local government site that covers the town that we are moving to http://www.egipps.vic.gov.au/, if you have time have a look around, it is a lovely area.

Dee asked if we had a preference for areas of Hubby's jobs. The other position would have put us both closer to our parents but in a smaller town, around the same size as we are currently in population of 8000. We would have still had the problem of Luke having to travel about an hour by bus to get to a school that we would have been happy for him to go to. But with our Gippsland choice the population of our town is 12000, and the schools have been chosen and the children enrolled, and both schools are next to one another and in town. Currently, we are around two hours away from both of our parents and the move will make it around five hours. Ideally I would like to be closer to my parents, Dad will be 77 in January, but we feel that we need to base our decisions on our own family needs.

I have been stitching but I may not be able to post very often with having to pack. DH is starting his new job on the 14th of January and my last day of work here is the 17th. So now it is me looking for a job, hopefully I can get one with the same bank. My area manager is doing some ground work for me, he is not obligated to but feels that since I started back not so long ago he would like me not to have any further leave without pay. We will see what happens after Monday when I'll be having a phone conference with my own manager and the area HR manager.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.
Travel safely if you are travelling during the festivities, but most of all don't forget to have fun and enjoy the time spent with loved ones.

Love and Hugs

12 Dec. 2007

A Finish.

WOOHOO a finish!!! This is The Drawn Thread's There's No Place Like Home. It is stitched on fabric from R and R Reproductions, I am unsure of the color or count of the fabric using the called for threads, DMC and Needle Neccesities. I changed the flag on the flag pole in the last picture from stitching to a little Australian Flag button.

Next is an update of CdC by Ink Circles.

I don't know what the diagonal line in the photo is (going from top right corner down) it is not there in real life!!! The picture is washed out due to the flash, but the coloring on the top is pretty close.

I am currently working on my second block of VOHRH, block 11 which is the school house. I have another new start, Fouroaks Designs A Love Song, another BAP, oh well!!!

Hubby and I did most of our Christmas shopping yesterday with Joel and Caitlyn with us, and I left my purse at home. We first went around the aisles and discussed what we would buy, then hubby took the kids elsewhere and waited for me to contact him by our walkie talkies. I would leave the shopping trolley somewhere nearby and we would change over, with hubby taking the shopping through the register while I took the kids to the car. We managed this manouvre three times in all!!!

Last Saturday it was my break-up party for work, but I was not able to attend as I had double booked myself. So where else did I go, to see the live production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It was truly amazing, and so much better than the movie. I went with my three sisters, my Mum and two friends of my sisters. We all had a wonderful time and one of my sisters lives around half and hour out of Melbourne and another sister organised a christmas surprise by ordering a limousine to take us all into the city. WOW, we all had the best time, sis also bought two bottles of champagne for us all to share, even though she doesn't drink.

Hubby has just been offered a position in south west Victorian. He is also in the running for a position in a town which is about an hour from here. He has been able to negotiate a slightly better salary package with the first position and if nothing comes from the second one, he will accept the first one, are you confused yet? Even though there is a short fall we will be able to manage. He had the interview for this last Friday and when the interview was finished he was told to go and enrol his children into the preferred schools. It has been horrible trying not to get our hopes up too high, but feeling rather confident with the comment that was made.

Thank you everyone for your comments and for your patience during my not so frequent blogging. This I will 'try' to rectify and post updates more frequently.

I hope you are all well and getting lots of stitching done.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch