3 Apr. 2011

OH MY!!!!!

Sorry for disappearing for so long.  I have been reading and commenting on blogs but not just writing on my own.
I have a MAJOR Happy Dance to share, but alas no photos yet.  I finished A Love Song (cough, cough) before Christmas. It turned out great if I may say so myself.  I am hoping that by mentioning it in a post that it may motivate me to take some pictures and post them on here.
I have had two new starts, so much for sticking to wips.  They are And They Sinned, started last night, there is a picture on my previous post but I think this one needs little to no introduction, and Little Snap Dragon by Kustom Crafts.
I am having some issues at work at the moment. They have taken on a sales culture which is just not what I signed up for. I love serving and interacting with the customers and hopefully injecting some fun in their day, but with the added pressure of sales being introduced into my role, and being placed on performance review, I have been seriously re-thinking my work options.  I have had one job interview, in a customer service role, and came third out of seven. They needed to two. They really wanted to employ a gap student, and a male, as there are currently all females in the customer service area. They had a male applicant so they snatched him up, and of course they got their gap student applicant.  The interviewers had only positive things to say about me and they said that positions become available all the time and that they would let me know of any other opportunities if and when they become available.
Well I had better go, washing needs to be bought inside and tea needs to be cooked.
Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be back soon with some stitchy photos.
Stay safe everyone and keep on crossing those X's.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch