17 Apr. 2008

Sorry everyone.

A few people have asked me in the comments if 'chooks' are our chickens, yes they are indeed our chickens, sorry about that.

Time to drop the children at school and kindergarten and then I have a day to me me me. It will involve some stitching, perhaps a walk and some horrid house work. Oh well, house work does need to be done sometimes, doesn't it?

Stay safe everyone.

16 Apr. 2008

Trouble with chooks, and Faery Tales

I would like to thank all of you for your kinds wishes and comment on my last post, stitching bloggers are some of the kindest people I know, I smile inwardly every time I read comments that you make.

Last Saturday night when Luke fed the chooks, he unfortunately neglected to lock the chook pen properly, and on Sunday morning while we were at church one of them apparently became adventurous and wandered into the back yard with the dogs. Our neighbour heard all of the commotion, jumped our back fence and managed to lock the chooks away. When we came home we saw all the feathers and checked on the chooks and they were all huddled into their shelter. Our neighbour told us what he had found and we thanked him for all that he had done. We kept a close watch on them, put water and food in their shelter, but unfortunately one died through the week. The other 3 have survived the shock and are now venturing out of the shelter for food and water.
Poor Luke he felt so bad, but there was little anyone could do, so we just gave him lots of hugs and reassured him that we knew he would never do this intentionally. If you remember I was struggling with a medication change and got quite upset over the poor chooks, but am now relieved that the 3 remaining chooks are now alright. I think it will be some time before we see any eggs from them, a person at hubby's work said around a month.
A stitchy update: here is Faery Tales.
Hopefully the photos are clear enough on your monitors. In the larger photo, the brown blobby bits are the beginnings of something exciting, something other than sky and water that is LOL!! The second photo is from the blobby bits to the bottom. I have stitched ten rows from top to bottom and this totals 4530 stitches all up.
I am going to do the same with Land of Enchantment, so all you can see at the moment is lots of black tree, and then I would like to go back to VOHRH.
I hope that everyone is getting in lots of stitching, stay safe and happy.

6 Apr. 2008

How on Earth Did That Happen, and I have a wonderful Hubby

The 'How on earth did that happen part'!!!!

Over Easter we went to our holiday house on the opposite side of Melbourne from where we now live. Some time ago, I decided that whenever we went there that I would allow myself a new start, or three HEHE. So before we left, I looked through my kitted projects and thought that I would like to start Miribilias Lady of the Mist. I did this, and all was fine until I went and paid a visit to Vicstitch. I had noticed on a visit to their website, that they were stocking some HAED and one of them was Faery Tales, which I instantly fell in love with, and it became a must have. On visiting Vicstitch I was disappointed to learn that they were having difficulties in sourcing this chart from their suppliers but were more that willing to show me the 'new' charts that they had just received, they hadn't even had a chance to load them on to their website. Amongst these charts was Land of Enchantment, and I thought to myself that if I couldn't get Faery Tales that this one would do!!!!! So another new start.

Then when we got home, I spoke to my DH about rrreeeaaallllllyyy 'needing' this chart (Faery Tales) and he said as long as it was only one chart and no other necessities, like thread and fabric, that I could get it. So that afternoon I hurriedly ordered it and thanks to the wonderful service that is HAED, I was down loading and printing, and collecting threads and fabric, which I already had, sneaky or what, and before you knew it, I had another new start. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Three new starts and all of them BAPS. Is it any wonder that I hardly ever have any finishes when I keep on starting really large projects. I do have smaller charts in my stash and do hope to stitch them one day.

Ordering Faery Tales was not the wonderful Hubby part of this post. A week or so ago I spoke to him about getting a new clothes dryer as the one we have keeps on setting off our electrical safety switch and therefore there must be a fault with it, and as it is around 13 years old I thought that it had done its job. Today he and Luke went to Melbourne to see a friend of Luke's, who had been staying with us, onto the train so that the friend could get home to Bendigo. When he comes home he drags me away from my stitching to have a look at the car, and in the back seat was a new dryer. What a man!!!

I am feeling somewhat better since my last post, but my doctor decided to change my depression medication due to some long term side affects, high blood pressure, and coming off the old medication is quite problem some as my blood pressure, hopefully returns to a lower level. Once I start the new medication on Monday, I am hoping to feel more like my old self again. Thank you everyone for your comments on my 'down' post, I really appreciate them all.

I am rather chatty at the moment, 1.30 in the morning, I should be asleep instead but having some issues due to the above. While DH and Luke were out of town today I took Joel and Caitlyn to the movies and we saw Horton Hears a Who. It was quite enjoyable, and it managed to entertain the kids for the length of the film. Joel and Caitlyn were so well behaved, the worst things that they did; Joel decided that he wanted to see the what the movie looked like whilst sitting on the floor instead of in his seat, and Caitlyn was leaning on the back of the seat in front of her, such great kids.

I think I might go back to bed now and see if I can get some sleep, good night all, and happy stitching.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch