6 Apr. 2008

How on Earth Did That Happen, and I have a wonderful Hubby

The 'How on earth did that happen part'!!!!

Over Easter we went to our holiday house on the opposite side of Melbourne from where we now live. Some time ago, I decided that whenever we went there that I would allow myself a new start, or three HEHE. So before we left, I looked through my kitted projects and thought that I would like to start Miribilias Lady of the Mist. I did this, and all was fine until I went and paid a visit to Vicstitch. I had noticed on a visit to their website, that they were stocking some HAED and one of them was Faery Tales, which I instantly fell in love with, and it became a must have. On visiting Vicstitch I was disappointed to learn that they were having difficulties in sourcing this chart from their suppliers but were more that willing to show me the 'new' charts that they had just received, they hadn't even had a chance to load them on to their website. Amongst these charts was Land of Enchantment, and I thought to myself that if I couldn't get Faery Tales that this one would do!!!!! So another new start.

Then when we got home, I spoke to my DH about rrreeeaaallllllyyy 'needing' this chart (Faery Tales) and he said as long as it was only one chart and no other necessities, like thread and fabric, that I could get it. So that afternoon I hurriedly ordered it and thanks to the wonderful service that is HAED, I was down loading and printing, and collecting threads and fabric, which I already had, sneaky or what, and before you knew it, I had another new start. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Three new starts and all of them BAPS. Is it any wonder that I hardly ever have any finishes when I keep on starting really large projects. I do have smaller charts in my stash and do hope to stitch them one day.

Ordering Faery Tales was not the wonderful Hubby part of this post. A week or so ago I spoke to him about getting a new clothes dryer as the one we have keeps on setting off our electrical safety switch and therefore there must be a fault with it, and as it is around 13 years old I thought that it had done its job. Today he and Luke went to Melbourne to see a friend of Luke's, who had been staying with us, onto the train so that the friend could get home to Bendigo. When he comes home he drags me away from my stitching to have a look at the car, and in the back seat was a new dryer. What a man!!!

I am feeling somewhat better since my last post, but my doctor decided to change my depression medication due to some long term side affects, high blood pressure, and coming off the old medication is quite problem some as my blood pressure, hopefully returns to a lower level. Once I start the new medication on Monday, I am hoping to feel more like my old self again. Thank you everyone for your comments on my 'down' post, I really appreciate them all.

I am rather chatty at the moment, 1.30 in the morning, I should be asleep instead but having some issues due to the above. While DH and Luke were out of town today I took Joel and Caitlyn to the movies and we saw Horton Hears a Who. It was quite enjoyable, and it managed to entertain the kids for the length of the film. Joel and Caitlyn were so well behaved, the worst things that they did; Joel decided that he wanted to see the what the movie looked like whilst sitting on the floor instead of in his seat, and Caitlyn was leaning on the back of the seat in front of her, such great kids.

I think I might go back to bed now and see if I can get some sleep, good night all, and happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy all your new projects.

Can't wait to see some pictures.

Kathy A. said...

nothing like a BAP to keep a girl motivated. but goodness 3 - good for you - look forward to seeing their progresses.

Anonymous said...

Two fabulous HAED charts (I have faery tales too - I bought the large print version - it's huge!

And a new dryer just in time for winter - what a man!! Got to love them when they treat us so well.

Marita said...

Oooh cool new projects. I look forward to seeing them grow.

We are planning to take Annie to see "Horton Hears a Who" but last time we took her to the movies she was terribly badly behaved so there is some nerves about taking her again.

Xangles said...

Hi, Joanne Tell me, where do you find such a husband. Treasure him - you're a luck woman. Sound like you've got a touch of chronic starter syndrome - have fun!

Itching To Stitch said...

I;ve always loved Faery Tales and thought if I ever bought another HAED it would be that one ;)

Lynn said...

Wow, 3 BAP! You've certainly got more motivation than I have right now. Faery Tales looks like a really interesting stitch. HAED pieces are so detailed. I love the look of them.
Glad to hear you're feeling much better.

Chiloe said...

First time on your blog ;) You seem to be a serial starter !!! lol but what fun it is, right? I'll be back. :-)

Kim B said...

Wow those are some big projects to undertake all at the same time :) And what a wonderful hubby!!

AnnMcD said...

Wow! Those HAED designs are ambitious...and huge!

Barbara said...

I can't wait to see you starting these great new projects!

Carto said...

Hi Joanne

This depression thing is catching isn't it? I'm sorry to hear that you're going through the wars as well. I'm sorry for not replying to your lovely comment way back when. And what a man indeed - yay!

Lots of hugs ((((HUGS)))) xx

Carla said...

The charts you bought are beautiful...but HUGE ;)
Can't wait to see pic of your progress :)
And yay for your new dryer :)

Pumpkin said...

Hi Joanne! It seems like you had a great holiday ;o) Three BAPs!!!! WOW! I couldn't do it.

I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from depression. I do as well and it's definitely no fun, even with the meds :o(

Congrats on the new dryer too!!!!

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch