14 Aug. 2011

I WON!!!! And resistance is futile.

A little while ago Dani reached the amazing milestone of reaching 1500 posts to her blog.  To celebrate she offered a couple of giveaways and I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky winners.
I was totally amazed at all of the lovely goodies that Dani included in my parcel.  First of all there was a cute card with a cat that has the same colouring as Puddles, and a gorgeous zip-up pouch.
In the pouch were the following;PICT0348
An ort box (Dani has posted a tutorial here), some finishing fabric, some 28 size needles, a gorgeous scissor fob with an Angel charm on it and a beautifully stitched and finished biscornu. The biscornu is pink on one side and green on the other and trimmed with pink and green beads.
Here is the green side.
And here is a close up of the stitching and the fob.PICT0352
My photos do no justice whatsoever to these beautiful pieces.  Thank you so much Dani for gifting me with all of these wonderful goodies and thanks also for sharing bits of your life with all of us through your wonderful blog.
Onto the second part of my post.
I am hopeless!!!!
I must be certifiably crazy!!!!
  Most of you have probably seen the HAED designs depicting the 7 Deadly Sins.  Somewhere on  the (evil) internet I read a suggestion from someone who said that a good plan for these design would be to stitch them at the same time by doing a page of each, therefore not getting sick of doing the one lot of colours until one was finished.  So what did I do?  I ordered them all and thought that the suggestion was a good one, although I have tweaked it somewhat.  I had enough fabric in my stash of 28ct white linen and as per the title, resistance was futile.
As for the tweaking I decided to do the partial bottom pages first.  As I complete a page of the first design, Avarice, I then do a row (27x10) of the next design Envy. Then another page, another row of Envy and a row (27x10) of Gluttony. Then another page of Avarice, another row of Envy and Gluttony and a row (27x10) of Lust and so on.  So at the moment I am on the third partial bottom page of Avarice and have completed two rows on Envy and one on Gluttony.
Do you remember the rotation that I posted about on my last?  HAH!!! What rotation!!!!
Whenever I come up with a brilliant rotation to tackle my never-ending, and growing, list of wips I last a rotation or two and then PPPFFFTTT!!!! Rotation is GONE!!!  I think I am forever doomed to be a serial starter and a not so very often finisher. Maybe I will be satisfied when I have started everything in my stash.  No, I will just probably buy more. 
Please help me, I am drowning in wips.
Now that I have confessed my hopelessness I am going to go and do some housework.
Take care everyone and thanks for all of your wonderful comments.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch