29 Jun. 2007

Job News

Unfortunately DH didn't get the job. I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes. Although disappointed some positives came out of the interview. Hubby had to do a power point presentation on differing investment scenarios, and the employment consultant said that DH's was the best out of the three people that were interviewed. Consultant also said that DH is heading in the right direction career wise, and that he should keep applying for this kind of job, as he is ready for this move.

I know that I owe all of you some update photos, will try for either tonight or tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Bye for now, and thanks for reading.

28 Jun. 2007

Blog Reading.

I think that I am rather anal about my blog reading.

When I first started looking up blogs on the internet I would add them to my favourites and read through them, from the beginning, starting at the first one in my favourites. As I finished each blog it would go to the top of my blogs folder, in alphabetical order of course, and as I continued reading other blogs I would check back on the ones that I had already read about once a week to look for new posts.

As you could imagine as my list of fully read blogs grew and grew, it would take anything upto a week to read through them, let alone reading any new blogs. So then I decided to begin my own blog, and as a consequence I joined up with bloglines and thought that it could sift out any new post for me. This worked really well, and still does, except my feeds have been consistently over or around 200 for a few week now. I will determine to get them down some day. At the moment my feeds number about 185, with about 20-30 being added every day.

I guess where I am leading to with this post is that I am apologising to people when I reply to more than one post at a time, creating multiple messages within whatever system you use to track new replies. I hope that no-one feels any frustration at this 'system'J of mine.

Stitching - I finished off my week with Shepherds Bush Reed's Stocking and will post a progress picture soon. I am stitching on ANOTHER new start The Drawn Threads Sampler Game Board, what a fun design with bits of everything, border, alphabet, quick little motifs and intense little blocks of houses.

I received my order from Jenna of Ones Stars Light, it was packaged very well, and I will post pictures of this also. I received my Dinky Dyes threads from Stitching Obsession for CdC and was hoping to start this on the weekend, and make it a weekend project, but my piece of fabric is to small, unless I want to stitch it over one, NO WAY!!!! LOL So I will be placing another order with Stitching Obsession, whose postage is quick, and will make a start hopefully the next weekend.

Hubby travelled to Adelaide on Monday/Tuesday for a second interview for a job, and should hear today whether he has gotten it or not, please keep your fingers crossed for us. The job is actually situated on the outskirts of Adelaide and would be great for us, having the convenience of a state capital city nearby for family outings, and the pleasure of a larger town to live in.

I will hopefully post pictures later on today.

Stay safe and happy stitching, Joanne

21 Jun. 2007

More Stash.

I have received my order from Stitching Obsession. Here are the pictures. I got:

Papillon Creations - Love with a Capital L

Ink Circles - I Still Do (also includes another chart for Second Chances

Ink Circles - Cirque des Cercles

28 ct cashel linen - Navy

38 ct jobelan - Forget Me Not Blue

One packet each of sizes 26 and 28 Piecemakers needles

Carrie's Creation threads for Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden.

Still to come from here are 7 skeins of Dinky Dyes silk in Desert Sand, here is a LINK. With this thread I am planning on stitching Cirque des Cercles on the navy cashel linen. I would value your thoughts on this!!

My order from One Stars Light shipped on the 15th so it should be here soon, Thanks Jenna.

I have a dilemma!!!! This is the situation with my container which I store my charts in. What to do??? What to do??? I KNOW!!! Buy a BIGGER container. LOL What I actually did was buy another container and I moved my charts to it, and kept my printed freebies in the one in the picture. But I am afraid that with all of the S.E.X. that I have been having I will still need to buy a new one in the near future. Will post more soon. Bye for now.

Progress Photo

Here is Joel's 'Noah's Ark' birth sampler where I left it at the end of its rotation. This is done on aida as I started it before I learnt of linens and evenweaves, nonetheless I am still enjoying sewing it and knowing that it will be for one of my children makes it all worthwhile.
I was looking back through some of my comments and Dawn asked if we knew what sort of ball was stuck in Caitlyn's ear. Yes we definately found that out. For his job DH goes to alot of seminars. One of the sponsors from one of them were handing out maraquas (SP) and DH bought a couple of them home for Joel and Caitlyn. They were made of clear plastic and had little green and yellow balls in them, do you know were this is leading? Joel, in all of his wisdom of a five year old decided to hit one of them against my desk, and of course the inevitable happened and little green and yellow balls went everywhere. I cleaned up what I thought to be all of them, famous last words, but Caitlyn happened to find a stray one. It just happened to be a green one also, my favourite color. I hope that hubby doesn't bring any more home.

17 Jun. 2007

My son is awesome

You may remember that Luke qualified to run in a cross country event. This post. On Thursday morning DH and Luke left home to make their way to Sydney. At this level Luke was representing his schools' district. Out of a field of 15-20 other kids Luke came 7th. Only six kids go on to the next level, but if someone is unable to go Luke, as emergency, will go. We don't care what happens after this we are just proud and pleased that Luke was able to do so well, and get this far.

As far a study goes. I have decided not to continue on with this semester. The topic is not my first love and not where I see myself headed. Because we are planning on moving, hopefully in the next six months, I have also decided to apply to defer for six months. I didn't realise that working two days a week would take so much away from my study, but I just seemed to be getting further and further behind. Joel will start school next year, so hopefully that will enable me to have more study time. In this six months I am going to concentrate my efforts on changing my course from an Arts degree to a Science degree. My real desire is to study Psychology and while psych is a more demanding course, I find it much more interesting and stimulating. I fee relieved now that I have made this decision and it is now time to move on.

As for stitching. I am enjoying Joel's birth sampler and have made some progress. The rotation finishes tonight and I hope to post progress pictures on Tuesday. Next in my rotation is Shepherds Bush Reed's Stocking, looking forward to this one, it seemed to stitch up really quickly last time.

My clicky finger has been at it again. Can't it show any control at all!!!! LOL. I will not put my new stash away until I can post some pictures. This lot came from a new ONS, for me, called Stitching Obsession, here is a link, http://stitchingobsession.com.au/index.php Mandy was lovely to deal with and I was pleased with how my order was posted. My order from Jenna has been shipped and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

That is all for now, take care everyone and happy stitching.

12 Jun. 2007

Stitching Updates

Here is last weeks progress on HAED Gypsy Rose. I almost got this page finished and I love the way the rose is turning out, very pretty so far IMO.

Next in my rotation is Joel's birth sampler, a Dimensions Chart and Charms design of Noah's Ark.

A full picture, well almost., and a closer one to show what is left to go. There is a heap a back-stitching in this piece and I have been doing some as I go. The row of animals where the elephants are has been done, I think a couple of the fish on the right need doing as well as the horses on the ramp heading into the ark. This has been going for a while but like all of my other wips, I am still enjoying it.
I appologise for the large pictures, I forgot to resize them when I transfered them from my camera to computer. Now I know why it took longer than usual for blogger to upload them, LOL live and learn.
So that is all from me for now, bye.

Stash -yes more

I finally got around to taking pictures of my stash that came from the Silver Needle.

Lizzie Kate's 12 Blessings of Christmas, each with a really cute charm. Planning on stitching these on one piece of fabric with the border pattern by LK.

These are CCN Spring Violets and Ladybugs and Bumblebees, Sisters and Best Friends Autumn Thanks, I now have the four seasons of these, and Sampler Company Heaven Doth Ask Sampler.

I also got LHN four Season of.......... charts but couldn't manage a good photo for some reason.

And from Exampler Dames, And They Sinned. In my comments Nicole asked if was going to join the SAL for this one. Not at the moment Nicole. I have quite a few large projects going at the moment and would like to incorporate some smaller designs into my rotation when I have some finishes. But thank you for mentioning it anyway.

The rotation for Gypsy Rose is over for the week, really loving this one, and next in my rotation is a birth sampler which will be for Joel. It is a Dimensions Charts and Charms pattern of Noah's Ark. I would say that I have done around 70% of this one, so the end is in sight, though it may take another 3-4 rotations unless I decide to concentrate on it for a while. Let see what happens and what I feel like doing. I only try the rotation so that everything gets a go, I am sure that some things would get forgotten other wise.

Would like to thank everyone that visits and for the comments that you leave. Stay safe and happy stitching.

7 Jun. 2007

Stitching Updates.

I haven't done any of these for awhile - sorry about that.
The last time I updated I was giving a new start a turn on my rotation and that was Desert Guardian by Kustom Krafts.

MMMM not much stitching for a week, never mind at least I got to do some. It doesn't show up in the photo very well, but I am stitching this on a pale blue hand dyed fabric with small patches of white to look like the sky.

The next project to get some attention was my Fractal. A new one of these is posted on http://www.xs-collectibles.com/index.aspx every month. I am not sure how long ago mine was on the site, and I do not have a full color picture of it either. It is in predominately purples, blues and black, but in the centre it changes to greens and yellows. You will need to use your imagination and take my word for it until I get LOTS more stitched, how many years have you got? LOL.

Here is one photo of the whole project and a close up, and below, I hope its below, is a picture of where I finished with it on this rotation.

It is a bit sad, but I don't think that you can see any progress in the photos (sniff, sniff). It is there, I promise. Hopefully I will be able to get better pictures next time this one comes up.

Next up in my rotation is Gypsy Rose, this is one that I am really enjoying at the moment and I will post before and after photos when the rotation finishes on Sunday night.

My order from The Silver Needle arrived last week, but with everything going on I have forgotten to mention it. I have not put any of it away yet and will post pictures before I do in the next day or so.

I also want to reply to some comments from my past posts, so I will try to do this also.

Happy stitching everyone and stay safe.


To thank you all

I would like to thank all of you for your kind wishes for Caitlyn, she has recovered fully and the only downside is a small perforation in her ear drum, which the specialist has said will heal fully and should not affect her hearing at all, thank God for that.

If you recall while she was in hospital the local radio station broadcast their morning show from the play room on the children's ward and that there were lots of photos taken, well the photos have finally appeared on the web site and here is a link: http://theradio.com.au/Program.aspx?PageID=5552&ProgramID=269&Station=TheRiver_105.7FM_Albury To view to photo you will need to scroll down and click on the GM54KIDS link, Caitlyn is in the third photo. In the photo are the two presenters, the clown, our Caitlyn and another patient whose name is Cassandra. I know that the picture of Caitlyn is rather obscure with the balloon crown around her neck, and the clown nose on her nose, but hubby prefers that I don't post pictures of the kids on my blog. Unless I can change his mind this will be it I am afraid. Thought it would be okay to post this one as it is already on the net.

Yesterday it was Joel's birthday, he turned five. How did that happen? I think he had a wonderful day, cake at pre-school, he chose to have dinner at McDonald's with a cake later on at home also. He also had a cake on Monday at a different pre-school.

I will go now and get some update pictures ready for you.

1 Jun. 2007

What a week!!!

First of all I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my news and for commenting, it is wonderful to hear from you all.

Our week started in relative calm, barring my assignment being due on Monday and it is still not finished. I have been in touch with my lecturer for this subject and she has been great, but I have yet to notify her of our new developments. She has granted me an extension as long as I am making progress and letting her know where I am at. I am seriously in two minds regarding study at the moment, I don't know if it is just the topic I am doing this semester or whether I am burnt out. I would really like to transfer my degree to a psychology degree, find psychology more stimulating and interesting even if the demands of the course are higher. Some of my study time has been gobbled up due to returning to work, I will have to see what strategies hubby and I can work out.

Next lot of drama, our daughter Caitlyn made a comment on Tueday night, late, that it won't come out. I asked what wouldn't come out and she said the ball from my ear. It was around midnight and you might ask what was she doing up at midnight. The answer is easy; her and Joel have both had colds, which they have kindly shared with me, and stayed home from pre-school on Monday and I stayed home from work to care for them. So Tuesday came and I let Caitlyn have an afternoon sleep, and when this happens she wakes later on, even if she only sleeps for half an hour, and turns into a party animal and won't sleep until we go to bed.

Back to the story, I take her to our local hospitals emergency department. The doctor on duty that night didn't want to come in for this and instucted the nurse to attempt removal via suction, which was not successful. We went back Wednesday morning and our GP was at the hospital doing his rounds and he had a go but it was too painful for Caitlyn so he said that he would put Caitlyn under a general anaesthetic on Thursday morning, which is when he did his theatre work, and get it out then.

Thursday morning arrives and as happens when anyone close to you has surgery of any kind the levels of anxiety are pretty high. I nursed her while she went under and then went out and sat in the waiting room. Another doctor came to get me and told me that herself and our GP had tried to remove the ball, but they weren't successful, only managed to push the ball further down my little girls ear canal. I could hear her crying out in pain and that was all it took for me to start crying also. They had caused some trauma to her canal and there was a bit of blood coming from her ear. They decided that the best thing for us to do was to take her two and half hours away to Albury, where they have specialists and a much bigger hospital. So we got organised, picked Luke up from school, Joel was with hubby anyway, and we arrived in Albury at about 3 in the afternoon. Caitlyn was operated on again at 8pm that evening. They managed to remove the foreign body as they called it, and she was fast asleep back on the ward by 9pm.

Thankfully we have friends who live about half an hour from Albury and hubby, Luke and Joel stayed there while I stayed with Caitlyn in the hospital.

The next day she was made a huge fuss of as the local radio station was holding a promotion in the childrens ward. They were raising funds for new furniture for a parents accommadation room, and new cardiac machines. Two of the girls kept on taking photos of her to be placed on their web site and she was also chosen to be in the local paper which covers a huge area. At least we were able to have this bit of fun on top of all the stress that we had been through. We are all home safe and Caitlyn has not once complained about being in pain, she has been so good offering her ear for anyone to look in and doing whatever the nurses wanted her to do during her observations.

Stitching, what is that - I have managed a little bit during all the dramas, will have to post Mondays update photos another time, want to spend some time with hubby and just relax and unwind.

Bye for now.


An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch