17 Jun. 2007

My son is awesome

You may remember that Luke qualified to run in a cross country event. This post. On Thursday morning DH and Luke left home to make their way to Sydney. At this level Luke was representing his schools' district. Out of a field of 15-20 other kids Luke came 7th. Only six kids go on to the next level, but if someone is unable to go Luke, as emergency, will go. We don't care what happens after this we are just proud and pleased that Luke was able to do so well, and get this far.

As far a study goes. I have decided not to continue on with this semester. The topic is not my first love and not where I see myself headed. Because we are planning on moving, hopefully in the next six months, I have also decided to apply to defer for six months. I didn't realise that working two days a week would take so much away from my study, but I just seemed to be getting further and further behind. Joel will start school next year, so hopefully that will enable me to have more study time. In this six months I am going to concentrate my efforts on changing my course from an Arts degree to a Science degree. My real desire is to study Psychology and while psych is a more demanding course, I find it much more interesting and stimulating. I fee relieved now that I have made this decision and it is now time to move on.

As for stitching. I am enjoying Joel's birth sampler and have made some progress. The rotation finishes tonight and I hope to post progress pictures on Tuesday. Next in my rotation is Shepherds Bush Reed's Stocking, looking forward to this one, it seemed to stitch up really quickly last time.

My clicky finger has been at it again. Can't it show any control at all!!!! LOL. I will not put my new stash away until I can post some pictures. This lot came from a new ONS, for me, called Stitching Obsession, here is a link, http://stitchingobsession.com.au/index.php Mandy was lovely to deal with and I was pleased with how my order was posted. My order from Jenna has been shipped and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

That is all for now, take care everyone and happy stitching.


Dawn said...

Congrats to Luke!! He should be so proud of himself:)

Carla said...

Congratulations to your son!

Barbara said...

Congratulations to Luke!

Working, kids, and study makes for a terribly full schedule. I know, I tried it this year, too. I'm going to wait till all the kids are in school to resume.

Have a great weekend!

Jenna said...

Congratulations Luke! Great job! :D I know what you mean about school. I'm probably going part-time online starting in August and I'm seriously wondering how well I'm going to be able to fit it in with a full work schedule, plus the ONS, model stitching, etc. Sounds like you have found the right niche, though, even if the course work is harder. What matters is that it's interesting to you.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Luke! Keep running!

Mylene said...

Congratulations to your son.

Lili said...

Wow! Congrats to Luke! I sure understand your pride, Joanne!
Take care!

Heather said...

For some reason this is the only post I am able to comment on :( Congratulations to your son and wow what a stash haul in your previous post. You'll love stitching those L*K's, I've done 4 so far.

Your stitching looks great. Keep up the lovely work.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch