7 Jun. 2007

To thank you all

I would like to thank all of you for your kind wishes for Caitlyn, she has recovered fully and the only downside is a small perforation in her ear drum, which the specialist has said will heal fully and should not affect her hearing at all, thank God for that.

If you recall while she was in hospital the local radio station broadcast their morning show from the play room on the children's ward and that there were lots of photos taken, well the photos have finally appeared on the web site and here is a link: http://theradio.com.au/Program.aspx?PageID=5552&ProgramID=269&Station=TheRiver_105.7FM_Albury To view to photo you will need to scroll down and click on the GM54KIDS link, Caitlyn is in the third photo. In the photo are the two presenters, the clown, our Caitlyn and another patient whose name is Cassandra. I know that the picture of Caitlyn is rather obscure with the balloon crown around her neck, and the clown nose on her nose, but hubby prefers that I don't post pictures of the kids on my blog. Unless I can change his mind this will be it I am afraid. Thought it would be okay to post this one as it is already on the net.

Yesterday it was Joel's birthday, he turned five. How did that happen? I think he had a wonderful day, cake at pre-school, he chose to have dinner at McDonald's with a cake later on at home also. He also had a cake on Monday at a different pre-school.

I will go now and get some update pictures ready for you.


Jenna said...

I couldn't get to any pictures, but it's okay. I'm just glad that Caitlyn will recover completely from her incident. I hope this has taught her not to stick strange things in her ears? :)

Mylene said...

Belated happy birthday to Joel!!

Dawn said...

I am glad Caitlyn is better:) Happy belated birthday to Joel!

Blogger said...

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