12 Jun. 2007

Stash -yes more

I finally got around to taking pictures of my stash that came from the Silver Needle.

Lizzie Kate's 12 Blessings of Christmas, each with a really cute charm. Planning on stitching these on one piece of fabric with the border pattern by LK.

These are CCN Spring Violets and Ladybugs and Bumblebees, Sisters and Best Friends Autumn Thanks, I now have the four seasons of these, and Sampler Company Heaven Doth Ask Sampler.

I also got LHN four Season of.......... charts but couldn't manage a good photo for some reason.

And from Exampler Dames, And They Sinned. In my comments Nicole asked if was going to join the SAL for this one. Not at the moment Nicole. I have quite a few large projects going at the moment and would like to incorporate some smaller designs into my rotation when I have some finishes. But thank you for mentioning it anyway.

The rotation for Gypsy Rose is over for the week, really loving this one, and next in my rotation is a birth sampler which will be for Joel. It is a Dimensions Charts and Charms pattern of Noah's Ark. I would say that I have done around 70% of this one, so the end is in sight, though it may take another 3-4 rotations unless I decide to concentrate on it for a while. Let see what happens and what I feel like doing. I only try the rotation so that everything gets a go, I am sure that some things would get forgotten other wise.

Would like to thank everyone that visits and for the comments that you leave. Stay safe and happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

The Sisters and Best Friends Autumn piece will be BEAUTIFUL!!! I love autumn things.

cathymk said...

Fantastic stashing!! I'm glad you got a copy of And they sinned! It's huge but such a beautiful piece.

Mary Ann said...

Lots of lovely new stash--enjoy!!

Dawn said...

Wonderful stash!

Carla said...

Great stash!!!

coonie said...

Great stash, I especially like the Sisters and Best Friends Autumn Thanks piece

Jenna said...

I agree with Coonie and Dee, that Sisters and Best Friends piece is really pretty! You enabler, you. ;)

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch