21 Jun. 2007

Progress Photo

Here is Joel's 'Noah's Ark' birth sampler where I left it at the end of its rotation. This is done on aida as I started it before I learnt of linens and evenweaves, nonetheless I am still enjoying sewing it and knowing that it will be for one of my children makes it all worthwhile.
I was looking back through some of my comments and Dawn asked if we knew what sort of ball was stuck in Caitlyn's ear. Yes we definately found that out. For his job DH goes to alot of seminars. One of the sponsors from one of them were handing out maraquas (SP) and DH bought a couple of them home for Joel and Caitlyn. They were made of clear plastic and had little green and yellow balls in them, do you know were this is leading? Joel, in all of his wisdom of a five year old decided to hit one of them against my desk, and of course the inevitable happened and little green and yellow balls went everywhere. I cleaned up what I thought to be all of them, famous last words, but Caitlyn happened to find a stray one. It just happened to be a green one also, my favourite color. I hope that hubby doesn't bring any more home.


BlissxStitches said...

Wow oh wow! I so wanted to order cirque du cercles but resisted. I already am doing Love with a capital L ... it's on my blog. I bought some celtic thing instead.

Happy stitching!

Carla said...

nice progress...it's looking great!

tkdchick said...

The detail in the ark is fantastic!

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch