28 Jun. 2007

Blog Reading.

I think that I am rather anal about my blog reading.

When I first started looking up blogs on the internet I would add them to my favourites and read through them, from the beginning, starting at the first one in my favourites. As I finished each blog it would go to the top of my blogs folder, in alphabetical order of course, and as I continued reading other blogs I would check back on the ones that I had already read about once a week to look for new posts.

As you could imagine as my list of fully read blogs grew and grew, it would take anything upto a week to read through them, let alone reading any new blogs. So then I decided to begin my own blog, and as a consequence I joined up with bloglines and thought that it could sift out any new post for me. This worked really well, and still does, except my feeds have been consistently over or around 200 for a few week now. I will determine to get them down some day. At the moment my feeds number about 185, with about 20-30 being added every day.

I guess where I am leading to with this post is that I am apologising to people when I reply to more than one post at a time, creating multiple messages within whatever system you use to track new replies. I hope that no-one feels any frustration at this 'system'J of mine.

Stitching - I finished off my week with Shepherds Bush Reed's Stocking and will post a progress picture soon. I am stitching on ANOTHER new start The Drawn Threads Sampler Game Board, what a fun design with bits of everything, border, alphabet, quick little motifs and intense little blocks of houses.

I received my order from Jenna of Ones Stars Light, it was packaged very well, and I will post pictures of this also. I received my Dinky Dyes threads from Stitching Obsession for CdC and was hoping to start this on the weekend, and make it a weekend project, but my piece of fabric is to small, unless I want to stitch it over one, NO WAY!!!! LOL So I will be placing another order with Stitching Obsession, whose postage is quick, and will make a start hopefully the next weekend.

Hubby travelled to Adelaide on Monday/Tuesday for a second interview for a job, and should hear today whether he has gotten it or not, please keep your fingers crossed for us. The job is actually situated on the outskirts of Adelaide and would be great for us, having the convenience of a state capital city nearby for family outings, and the pleasure of a larger town to live in.

I will hopefully post pictures later on today.

Stay safe and happy stitching, Joanne


Cheryl said...

Thats a shame about your fabric for CdC! Can't wait to see you start this, maybe it'll inspire me to pull it out my stitching box again! I know what you mean about blog reading, i use google reader and theres at least 30 new feeds each day!! Good luck to your hubby

Barbara said...

Good luck keeping up with your blog reading. ;) It is rather a challenge! LOL!

Michelle said...

I do the same thing - whenever I come across a new blog, I want to read the whole thing. I've been behind in my reading as well - and I do appreciate each and every comment you leave me!

Marita said...

Bloglines is great but even with only 25 blogs subscribed to I find it a struggle to keep up.

Looking forward to seeing the progress picture of the stocking.

Fingers crossed for the job. Adelaide is a great place to live.

Jenna said...

Yep, happens to all of us, I think. :) I can't wait to see your Reed's stocking. And good luck to your hubby!

Itching To Stitch said...

I think everyone is in the same boat. i use Google Reader and keep up as best I can. Although when I find a new blog I don't read it back to the beginning, I usually will go back a few posts to see if it's a blog I'm interested in following. I enjoy yours ;)

Dawn said...

Hope all goes well with the interview:)

BlissxStitches said...

Not to mention all that wonderful wine just up the road ... whoo hoo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

coonie said...

It's quite the same here, too many blogs to read and no time to do it :( 137 updated feeds to read today! Although when I find a new blog I don't read it back to the beginning, I usually will go back a few posts to see if it's a blog I'm interested in following.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch