7 May 2007

Proud Mum

My DS12 ran (3 km or 3ooo m) in his schools cross country last week and came home and told DH and I that he had made it to Parkes, which is where the next level race is held, and is a six hour drive away. He came first in his age group, Under 13s, and overall for the school he came about 5th. Usually he is not really competitive so this was joyful news, but also a surprise for us.

The next dilemma, to get him there. Since he was racing on a Monday, and I had just started back at work, I was reluctant to ask my boss to change days, then as my two littlies have pre-school, kindergarten, on Mondays, I would need alternative arangements for them to be minded. I was out of the question, unfortunately, to take DS. Hubby has a work conference on the NSW coast at a place called Woollengong (SP), he left home lunch-time on Saturday and doesn't get home until late Tuesday night. The conference was already booked and paid for, and he needed to attend to maintain his accreditation. He was able to get a ride with another family who were taking their daughter and another child. Thank goodness for the kindness of others.

DS just rang and he has secured a place for him to compete in Sydney in the state championships. He said that he was the only one in his age group to compete. I told him that it doesn't matter how many kids there were, that he should just be proud of his achievements. So it looks as though we will be heading for Sydney in June.

I am so proud of him. Last year he was diagnosed with mild ADD and was put on a low dose of dexamphetamine, and it has totally turned him around from a low achiever, no confidence to someone who is more confident with improved grades. The end of last year he received a Principal's Commendation Award from school, a Scout's Leaders Award from Scouts and about 93% in his piano exam. He has done an amazing job to earn these rewards.

I hope you are all still with me after that. With regards to stitching, the rotation time for HAED Bubbles has finished, and will begin on Celtic Banner tonight. Will post wip pic of Bubbles tomorrow.

I have also received some new stash, more about it tomorrow also.

Better go and get some dinner. Bye everyone.


Karoline said...

Congratulations to your DS, that's quite an achievement

Dawn said...

Wow!! congrats to DS! Not only with the race but with all the acievements! Both of you should be so proud:)

Mylene said...

First off, thanks so much for dropping by at my blog, which got me curious and come have a look at yours, just came home though from work so just a quickie look and read...wow! that's a great achievement for DS, congrats!
Will have a look/read next time when i have more free time, it's here nearly midnight...wish not, but can't hold the time...

tkdchick said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts for today I felt each and every one of them!

Tannia said...

Wooohooo! Big congratulatory hugs for DS :) Well done!

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch