2 May 2007

A quick post...

Hi everyone, just want to say a thank-you to everyone who has left a comment, or visited, my blog.

In my comments Carol wrote about AAFG being a magnificent stitch. I have to agree with her. Some of the motifs can be a little fiddly with a few thread changes, but over all it is a very enjoyable stitch. The chart is easy to read, and when I made a working copy, there was no need to enlarge it.

Dee said that seeing my progress on AAFG gave her incentive to work on her Four Seasons. Glad I was able to help you out Dee. LOL.

Today was my second day of work, my feet are not as sore today which is good. Though I did actually sit a bit more while I was doing training on the computer. After having had about 20 years of experience and then five years away from work, I feel like a 'new' employee because of the vast system changes. Though I must say that the changes are definately for the better. Transactions are now much faster to complete, of they will be when I get used to the computers LOL, and much more efficient, being able to perform all operations from the one work-station.

Okay enough talk about work. I just wanted to add that I love getting your comments, they make me all warm and fuzzy, and I didn't think that I would enjoy blogging so much, but the stitching community and the people in it are wonderful.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome everyone, and happy stitching.


Dawn said...

Glad everything is going well with work:)

Carla said...

I'm glad everything is going well at work :)

Tannia said...

YAY for you back to work! You will feel like a new person :)

AAFG looks great - I've been admiring Carol's too!

Anonymous said...

Blogging is so much fun. I can't believe all the people I've "met" and all the new things I've learned.

Oh yeah --- and seeing all the new stuff people show -- who KNEW there was all that sock yarn out there!

Lili said...

Hi Aussie Sticher (any other name? lol!)!
I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my Moira Blackburn sampler. It is one of my fav pieces to date.
I see you are quite new to the Stiching Bloggers' World so I think it's still time to say WELCOME! This is an extraordinary haven.
I've browsed all your posts and I can say one thing: you are stitching wonders, and I'll be back!
Glad to see you're having a safe return to work.
Take care!

Susan said...

I'm glad that you are picking things up at work - I used to work in banking when I lived in Australia, so your post brings back memories!

Barbara said...

It's good to hear that so far, the reentry into the workaday world is going well. I can only imagine how much banking has changed since I was a teller - 20 years ago! Gulp! We write banking software where I work, and it is just light years beyond what was involved a couple of decades ago.

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch