8 May 2007

WIP update

I would like to thank everyone for stopping by and for your comments. Yes we are extremely proud of DS12, he has worked hard for his achievements and deserves the recognition.

Last week I was stitching on HAED Bubbles. I stitched pages 26, 27, and almost half of page 28. Before you all faint they were not very big pages, normal width but only 20 stitches high. I did enjoy her, but I think I'll get more enjoyment when I can stitch the fairy or some bubbles.
Next in my rotation is Butternut Road's Celtic Banner. It has been a while since I stitched on this piece, but I still love it. The colours and the motifs are wonderful.

This is I where I left it the last time I stitched on it. There are four pages to this design. At the bottom is page D. It changes to page C near the bottom of the W and the E . When I made my working copy I managed to leave off two, read that TWO lines of the chart. I compared my stitched piece to the photo and it just didn't look right. When I finally looked at the original chart I realised what I had done. So the frogs visited and I re-stitched it.

Then the next time I stitched on it, I had forgotten about the frogs visit. looked at my working copy and thought I have made a mistake. So I again pulled out the stitching and again re-stitched. How I did this for a second time I will never know. Do you think I was happy when I again noticed the error? No way!!! So I ripped out the stitching, and re-stitched it and it has been smooth going ever since, thank goodness.

Here is a close up of where I am up to.

As I said in my previous post I received some stash in the mail yesterday. Here is a picture.

Told in a Garden - Amish Wedding
Kreinik Very Fine Braid #4 032 Pearl
Lizzie Kate - Bless Our Home
Just Nan - Quilted Bear
Little House Needleworks - Rose Sampler
Prairie Schooler - Autumn Leaves
M Designs - Believe Tree Ornament
Cat's Whiskers - Birds Of A Feather Dilly Bag and Blessed With Happiness
Needleprint - Ann Trump's 1797 Sampler From Ackworth
With Needle & Thread by Blackbird Designs
Country Cottage Needleworks - Geranium House and A Place We Call Home
And some freebies from Blackbird Designs: Savior Faire, Thistle Manor, Springs Notice and Blackbird Sampler.
The only thing that I haven't got yet is With Needle and Thread by Blackbird Designs as this item is a special order from my ONS.

Hubby will be home at about 10pm tonight. I expect him to be very tired and grateful to be home.

I think that this post is long enough so I wish you all well and happy stitching.


cathymk said...

Oh wow! Yummy stash!!

And Celtic Banner is looking lovely.

I love Selena Fenech's art - Bubbles is a lovely piece. Your stitching is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you...all that stash.

Celtic Banner looks great...this was one of my favourites pieces.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

tkdchick said...

That's just a *little* stash...

I love Celtic Banner and really enjoyed stitching on it!

Kimberly said...

Celtic Banner is looking great... and the stash, oh MY! :) Have fun with all that

Isabelle said...

Your Celtic Banner is stunning! As for your stash, it's just awesome - such beautiful designs!
Thank you so much for the very kind and friendly comments... :) ♥

Karoline said...

Celtic Banner is looking stunning, nice stash :)

BeckySC said...

CB is looking wonderful :)

WOW, you got some great stash :) Enjoy!!

Dawn said...

CB looks awesome! Your stash looks great.

Jenn said...

Both your pieces look great and what yummy stash you got!

Michelle said...

Both of your WIPs look fabulous. That stitching error is so something I would do! Glad you've got it fixed now. Love the stash - great choices!

coonie said...

What you have stitched on your CB is exactly what I have to stitch to finish mine :)

Your stash is wow yummy!

Carla said...

omg you had to frog and re-stitch twice!! :S ...but I think is worth it, it's a beautiful piece :)
Nice stash!!!

Carol said...

Your WIPS are beautiful - and that is really some stash you got there! Enjoy!!!

Barbara said...

Oh, I love your WIP updates! Especially the Celtic Banner. WOWSIE!

Mylene said...

Your WIP are looking great and WOW! Really great stash. Enjoy!

Lili said...

Celtic Banner is a stunning design, and it looks no piece of cake...
I am stitching A place we call home by CCN at the moment. It's such a pleasant design... I'll post about it soon.
Great stash!
Take care Joanne!

Von said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Now I can return the favor. :D

I see you're working on Celtic Banner. It's a design I've had in my stash for quite awhile, but really must stitch one day - I just love it. :)

Ummm, I wouldn't say that's "some" stash - that's a stash haul! Lol!

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch