30 Mar. 2007

Change of Plans

I was going to start Game Board Sampler by Drawn Thread, but when I checked the fabric that I had put aside for it, it was WAY too small (about 10cm ). So I had to re-think my next start. I went through what I have kitted up and decided on Shepherd's Bush Reed's Stocking. I have five of SB'S stocking charts as I would like to do one for each of us eventually. This one will be for DH, and when I told him he said "Thats nice." What else could you expect from a man.

I have started the stocking and will continue with it until Sunday night and I'll show a progress photo at this stage. Then I will stitch on one of my other WIPS for a week, and so on.

Well it is time that I got off this computer so that I can make a start on our dinner. Bye for now.

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KaLu said...

oohhh cant wait to see progress on the stocking

i started one for alondra while i was pregnant... mmm i havent seen it since then lol

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch