2 Jul. 2007


In an earlier post I said I was going to place an order with Stitching Obsession to get a bigger piece of navy fabric for Ink Circles Cirque des Cercles, well it arrived today. That was super quick. I, of course, had to justify my order (any excuse) and also ordered a subscription for The Gift of Stitching, and a With My Needle chart called Petit Carnet d'Ouvrages, Livre II.

I have been wanting the subcription for a while now, I have liked so many designs that have been posted to blogs in the past that I couldn't wait any longer. I usually by Just Cross Stitch every two months, but have recently found that there is not much that I would like to stitch, so I have stopped buying that, except for the ornament issue every year. I will actually save money as my subscription is less than two issues of JCS.

Here is a picture of what I got:

I have finished the rotation for Drawn Thread Game Board Sampler and will post a wip picture hopefully tomorrow. Next in my rotation is TW The Castle, I will tell you more about this tomorrow also and post a picture of where I am up to with it.

Happy stitching everyone.


Barbara said...

You'll love your subscription to The Gift of Stitching Monthly!

Nicole and Phil said...

It is great when ordering via internet comes so quickly. Happy stitching!

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your stash. I look forward to pics of your Gameboard Sampler ;)

Carla said...

I think you won't be dissapointed with your new subscription :)

Carol said...

What lovely new stash. You will love The Gift of Stitching - it is never disappointing.

Singular Stitches said...

Hi, Joanne! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving the kind comment! :o)

Wow, your WIPs are fabulous!! I LOVE the game board. I'll enjoy watching your progress!

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch