9 Aug. 2007

It has been a while

Sorry it has taken so long to get organised enough to put together a post, life just gets is the way of the things that we like to do at times, doesn't it?

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and for their kind wishes and thoughts for DH's job interviews. Still no new job, though still in the mix are; Devanport, Ballarat, a job at Melbourne University, a council in surburban Melbourne, and new ones at Warragul, one hour from Melbourne and he is still following up on a couple of others. There was one which he didn't feel that he interviewed well for which has been re-advertised. He contacted them and asked for them to trial him for 3 months, and that he would prove that he could perform the neccessary tasks required, still waiting to hear back from them.

I have an exam this afternoon, my first written one at university level. I have already seen the questions and have formulated my answers but I am still not over confident. I haven't received my assignment back yet either, just waiting to see what penalties will be applied as it was 'very' late, no doubt I will see in due course.

I have been stitching, even if it is only for an hour or so every night. I have also started to knit an afghan with six different colored stripes, eight balls of each color, and I am on the third stripe of the first lot of eight balls - I hope this makes sense, not feeling very coherent at the moment, not a good feeling before an exam.

I have made fairly good progress on Cirque des Cercles over the past two week-ends. I have also stitched on Bubbles, Celtic Banner and at the moment I am stitching on Daughters, hoping for a happy dance on this one (fingers crossed).

Here is CdC. As you can see I have been concentrating on doing the border and the outer circles, I am sure progress will seem to come to a halt once I start filling in the gaps.

Here are before and after shots of Bubbles. Not the greates of photos unfortunately, but the after shot is actually showing a second patch of lighter colors as in the before shot.

And finally here is Celtic Banner, again not much progress, but at least you can tell that it has been worked on. The left hand side border got some attention this time also.

Well I have some washing to hang out and a few other things to do before DH comes home from work to baby sit so I can do some last minute studying before my exam.


Tannia said...

Wow You've been busy :) All your pieces are looking great - I'm stitching CB too but I've not worked on it for a while!

Marita said...

Your needles have been flying!

Good luck with the exam. Crossing fingers hubby gets one of those jobs.

If any of the Melbourne one's are near Greensborough we could meet up for coffee!

Itching To Stitch said...

Great WIP's. CDC is just awesome ;)

tkdchick said...

Glad you're getting in lots of stitching amongst your studies! Everything looks fantastic!

I really enjoyed Celtic Banner!

Karoline said...

Your wips look great, good luck with the exam

Dawn said...

Great progress on all the WIP's! Good luck with the exam:)

Ranae said...

The WIP's are looking good. I like how you are doing the CDC. I need to put a few stitches in mine. Good Luck with the exam.

Carla said...

I hope everything went well in your exam.
Your wips are looking great!

Beatrice said...

All your works are lovely!!!

I did the Celtic banner over the winter and finished it last month. It is on one of my first posts.
What a pleasure it was to stitch.

Good luck with the exam.

Lynn said...

All your WIP are looking great. I especially like the Celtic Banner!
Don't know how you manage to find any time to stitch with your studies! Good luck on your exam.

Nicole and Phil said...

It's been awhile since I last popped in, the cirsles are looking terrific! and I loved to see all that new stash! WOW...that will keep you busy!

Judith said...

Some nice progress on all. Looking forward to seeing more of bubbles, a friend of mine is stitching that one too and also still no really sign of the whole design and it is so beautifull.

Isabelle said...

Hi Joanne, you've been busy! Your stitching looks great, I particularly like your Celtic Banner - gorgeous.

I do hope your exam went well.

Thank you so much for the lovely words you left on my blog. *Hugs*

Mylene said...

All your progress are looking good. Goodluck with your exam!

Jenna said...

Good luck to your husband on all of the job opportunities that he's wrangling up. I'm sure that he will find the perfect one. :)

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch