23 Nov. 2008

A Finish

Well here I am, I have been reading blogs and making a few comments, so I thought that it was about time that I posted to my own blog.

I have a little finish to share with all of you; (Apologies for the crappy photo, I need to work on my non-existant photographic skills)

Here is LHN Patience, from their Scripture series. Stitched on 32 ct Belfast Linen. I finished it last night while we all watched a dvd.

While I am here I also thought that I would post an update on HAED's Faery Tales. I have completed three to four rows of ten row blocks all the way to the top of the design, and going slightly off track, I have completed two, and almost a third, pages. MMMM, blogger won't allow me post a second photo, so I'll do a second post with the photo.

We have been quite busy of late. Not long after my last post, we went north to Queensland for two weeks. Took the kids to the theme parks, Sea World, Movie World and Wet 'n Wild. We had a wonderful time. We also caught up with some relations, and a special man, my Day, who was also a holiday up there.

Caitlyn and I had our birthdays while we were away, and DH turned another year older not long after we arrived home.

Dad came to stay for a week. It was hard saying good-bye, and it was strange having him stay without Mum. He is coping reasonably well. While he was here he had one bad day.

Well, I must go and tidy up a bit so that I can do some more stitching later on.

I hope that you are getting lots of stitching done, take care and have fun!


Ranae said...

The LHN finish is cute with the sheep.
Theme parks are so fun.
Hope you two had nice birthdays!
Happy belated Birthday.

Mary said...

I'm glad you got to have a nice holiday with the kids. Happy Birthday to you and Caitlyn and your DH.

I'm glad your dad is coping as well as can be expected. It will be hard for a while. Someone said you have to go through a whole year of events and then life gets easier to go on.

Your stitching came out great. Don't worry about the picture. Sometimes I think it's the camera and not the person taking the pictures.

Thanks for posting on my blog.


Karoline said...

Cute finish and impressive progress on Faery Tales

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finish and happy birthday too. I love LHN patterns.
I have quite a few in my stash.

Marita said...

I love the finish, it looks fantastic.

Pumpkin said...

Great to see you posting again Joanne! Your finish is just lovely even if the photo is fuzzy ;o) LOL!

Sounds like you have been busy though. Family time is good time :o)

Sharon said...

Pretty finish!

Carla said...

Cute finish and nice progress on your HAED piece!

Chrissie said...

Oh my goodness, 60 pages!! What a challenge it must be just keeping track of where you are at. Well done and congratulations :)


Suzanne said...

That's a really cute finish. A belated Happy Birthday to you!

Bee Jay said...

I love these little projects especially the LHN series but I never seem to be able to find the charts here in Oz. Can you point me in the right direction?

An Aussie girl who loves to cross stitch